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DRB Kids is a daily Bible reading podcast for kids. Children from all around the world gather to listen to amazing stories from the Bible, and to be reminded that they are loved! 

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on 8/16/2023

Listening to the podcast along with my little ones is wonderful to hear God's word being taught to children I feel they get to get closer and know God Jesus Christ as our savior, father,and provider

on 5/20/2022

This podcast has been such a blessing. It is developing a love and excitement for hearing and reading God's Word. When I asked my children what they thought about DRBKids, they said that it helps them grow closer to God and realize who He really is.

on 5/15/2022

We have been listening to the Daily Radio Bible for the last few years. My daugthers are now 11 & 6 years old and we listen afterschool on the way home or during our lunch break on homeschool days. It is a wonderful time to connect with the word of the Lord and simple to access! "I like the music" (from 6 year old daughter)

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